biopsis results

hi everyone me agen lol

i got my biopsis results back today after 2 week

it say i have high grade

i have a app on 17th for llets

i dont understand the high grade is that a cin???

Hi hun! At least they will be getting you in straight away for treatment :) and it will be successful with no reoccurrence! I got home today and finally my results were here! My biopsies showed low grade changes (CIN1) and they said I don't need any further treatment and have put me back to yearly smears! So I don't see anyone now for another year and praying during that year that it doesn't worsen and just goes away on it's own! 

Have they told you what treatment you need? Keep me updated hun! 

Big hugs xxx

Woo ow bet ur well happy loop am aving I think so is it cin 3 I got ?

Woo ow bet ur well happy loop am aving I think so is it cin 3 I got ?

I am so relieved hun!! Awh good luck with your treatment.. Let me know how you got on! Xxx

Hi Katie,

High grade is cin 2 or cin 3 and low grade is cin 1, hope that helps and good luck with your lletz it's not as bad as you probably think it will be.

Thank you Hun I thort it ment a cin 

I keep telling myself don't worry I was a mess at my colp

so I am Nerves bout 17th xxx

It would be impossible not to be a bit nervous but it's no worse than the colposcopy, plan to relax for the rest of the day after it and the next if you can and treat yourself to something nice to look forward to after it.

That sounda like good idea lol thank you xxxx