Hi I have my colposcopy tomorrow after receiving my results from my smear as being mild dyskaryosis and HPV. I'm just a bit worried with what to expect and whether I will just have a biopsy or any treatment. I just wondered if I had a biopsy if I'm ok to return to work as I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about it all tomorrow?

any help or advice would be gratefully received with whether people felt well enough to return to work after biopsies?


thank you :-)

Hi Tilsley,

I was in the same situation as you, mild dyskariosis and hpv, and I was a bit concerned beforehand about what to expect! The actual colposcopy is much like a smear, except for me I was sitting in a chair with stirrups rather than lying on the bed in the doctors surgery!

They put the speculum inside you as they would do a smear and then set up the microscope so they can see your cervix clearly.. They wipe your cervix with a sort of acid solution, it doesn't hurt really but it felt a little cold for me!

Then your doctor will make a decision on what to do next based on the level of abnormal cells they see (they show up white on your cervix when the solution is applied). For me, although the doctor had said she'd probably take one look at me and tell me to come back in six months, this wasn't the case, there were more abnormal cells than she was expecting to see, so she took two biopsies. (Most of the time, I don't think the doctor knows if they are going to take biopsies until they're 'in there'. If you prepare yourself for having a biospy and don't need it hopefully that will be a relief for you!)

The biopsies were over really quickly (she didn't really give me very much time to even process what was happening - which was maybe a good thing!) and they only way I can describe them was that it was like a pinch?! She did warn me not to watch this part on the screen, I had been watching intently up until that point! After the biopsies they put a silver nitrate solution on your cervix to stop the bleeding as much as they can.. That felt a bit weird. Kind of like when you have a papercut and you get something like lemon juice in it! Bit strange but not exactly excruitiating.

I felt a bit sick afterwards, but this might be a combination of it being lunchtime and being a little bit in shock at the surprise biopsies! I did go back to work though for the afternoon, I work on a desk job so not a strenuous job to return to.

If you're super sensitive to pain, and wanted to err on the side of caution I guess you could always take a painkiller beforehand? Honestly though, it'll be over before you know it. Are you taking anyone with you? I wish I had, they usually let someone sit in and hold your hand (at least they did at my hospital, I wish I'd known that before the colposcopy!)

Good luck, thinking of you and sending positive thoughts over.. Let us know how you get on :) xx

Hello hun, I also had the same results smear as yourself. I had my colposcopy on the 6th feb and biopsy that day too. I found it uncomfortable but not painful, the most pain was from the speculum rather than what he was doing inside if that makes sense. My doctor told me to cough when he did the biopsy so infact I didn't even feel it which was good. I took the day off work  as I found I had period type pains and I didn't know what to expect with bleeding etc. last thing I wanted to do was be at work n be cranky haha. like the lady above said, the doctor can look at your cervix and decide there and then that you need treatment Or he may want to check to see if you even need treatment he might wait on the result the biopsy and then decide. If he offers you treatment there and then I advise you to take it as then you will get it over and done with and then wait 4-6 weeks for results. I had to wait 4 weeks for my biopsy results, then another 3 weeks for my lletz appointment (which is on Thursday) then il have to wait another 4-6 weeks for the results of that. Nightmare waiting. All in all though the colposcopy procedure is not as bad or dramatic as it sounds so try to to worry. Good luck for tomorrow hunny xxxx


Hiya I had my colposcopy on the 24th feb for severe dyskalorises sorry about the spelling I was expecting treatnebt

but the area is too large so he deceived to book me in for treatment under GA and he took two biopsies I didn't find any of the procedure itself painful but I had worked myself up and I was shaking like a leaf afterwards and for a few hours after I was still shaking and felt a bit sick (that's just me though) the whole process took about half an hour from start to finish and when I look back it wasn't too bad but at the time it felt like the worst thing in the world 


good luck xx

Thank you very much for all your replies which has really helped me with what to expect. Im going to take my mother-in-law with me into the room as I would like someone in there with me. I hope your lletz appointments go well and hevrhi I hope you get your results soon. 

I will let you know what happens tomorrow xxx

Just a quick thing, i personally wasn't allowed my mum in the procedure room with me, she was allowed in the consultants office before the procedure but not in there whilst they started the colposcopy. The lady above mentioned her hospital allowed people to go in with them for support. I'm in Nottingham myself and I know they don't allow it here at the woman's unit, I just wanted to tell you now so that you wasn't shocked and or upset if they didnt let your mother in-law In with you. Rather you know now that they may not allow it. Sorry to sound negative n the bearer of bad news :( I hope they do let her in with you though and I wish you all the best with it all xxx

Thank you for letting me know - I'm glad I know so I can be prepared just in case. Thank you :-) xxx

If they do let her in then brilliant, but if not at least your prepared like you say. You will be fine best of luck xxx

Just to let you know I'm back from the colposcopy - it all went fine and had biopsies done which was a bit uncomfortable (just bad cramping) so I now have to wait 4 weeks for the results but she thinks the cells were better than smear result so fingers crossed. Thank you very much for all your support and help - it is really nice to have people to talk to and share concerns. I wish you all the best too with treatment and results xxx

Ahh, well done my lovely! I definitely think the lead up to it can make you feel sick with nerves.. Hopefully the doctor will be right and you'll get good results in a few weeks. Will keep everything crossed for you! (Keep us posted!) :) xxx