Biopsies taken but no treatment **really scared**

Hello, I have been for my colposcopy today and my smear came back with serve abnormal cells. I signed the usual consent form for lettz so he could do that after the colposcopy… Well he finished the colposcopy then called in another guy to have look and the both nodded then the guy who was day in front of me said ok we ate not going to do lettz we are going to take 4 full thickness biopsies once I have give you local then we will discuss the next step… So that all over I get dressed after wiping up alot of blood (is that normal?) I sit back down at his desk with both specialists I was then told that I would get a phone call in 2 weeks with the results and then an appointment to to come in for a general anaesthetic so we can remove the large area of abnormal cells because the surface area is to great to do here today under local! To that point I burst into tears… I am in alot of discomfort now and completely frightened out of my mind I’m say here shaking either it’s pain or fear I’m not sure. Has anyone else had to go back for a general anaesthetic? Thank you in advance for your help and advice x

Bless you hun.  I'm not surprised you feel so upset. I haven't had this experience exactly, but I hang around on this forum alot.  There are lots of women who have had to have cells removed under general aneaesthetic due to a large area being affected. In fact this happended to one of my best friends a couple of years ago and she is absolutely fine (she's had 2 kids since).

Try and breathe and relax. The next 2 weeks will be tough as waiting for results is the worst.  Keep yourself busy and lean on friends and family during the wait.  If you would rather not speak to family, call the Jo's trust helpine if you need.  They can provide a shoulder to cry on.  You shouldn't be sat alone worrying and shaking.  xxx