biopsies results


this may sound relly silly but is here any way you can get results of biopsis fast tract

as am sick of worrying and its only been a week


Not really I'm afraid Hun. 

If the doctor saw something he thought may be serious they will mark it as urgent but this can still take a few weeks. 

Did they give you a time frame atal? 

I was told 1-3 weeks (marked urgent) & heard back after 10days. 

It does all differ from clinic to clinic & how busy labs are aswel. 

Average seems to be about 2-4 weeks though. 

They probably won't be able to discuss details over the phone due to data protection but you can always ring to chase up. 


Ps the only but of advice I can give you is to keep busy & keep yourself occupied elsewhere! 


I was 6 weeks waiting for mine so it really does vary. As above try to keep busy. I'm waiting fo rmy second set now so the wait has started all over again for me. The waiting really is the worst part. Take care xxx


thank you for getting back to me i am trying to keep busy n not think bout it

i was going to ring today but feel like they will think am silly as its only been a week lol x