Biopsies clear...

So, the results of the cervical biopsies and cervical canal cmake back showing NO abnormality. No CIN, nothing. 

Still awaiting MRI result.

While this is good news, the abnormal smear ?invasion must have come from somewhere....

i have previously had early stage vaginal cancer, and now thinking that the smear result must have picked up the abnormality from there..

This is just such a nightmare!

Hi Hun, glad all is clear! Can I just tell you that ALL of my smears have come back abnormal, I'm 43! Up until. The last one I've never been worried. then obviously, from the last one I had colposcopy with lletz and biopsy and that's how they discovered my cancer.  I hope everything remains clear for you xxxxxx

Great news nemo , it's lovely to hear possitive news on here also , let us know how the rest of your treatment goes x