Bioidentical hormones

Would love some info from others about bioidentical hormones. 

I had chemo / raditotherapy for cervical cancer in the summer of 2014.  I have been on HRT ever since and it has been fine.  In general I am fine but I just feel I could be better.  I am two stone over weight depsite not changing my diet hugely and walking a lot and I just cant shift it.  Libido is non existent and I probably just feel older than I should (I am 40) and very lethargic.  

Maybe that is just the way it will be and I have to accept it or maybe  I should try and do something about it.  

I have spoken to another woman who had cervical cancer and struggled on "normal" hrt but has enjoyed huge positive changes since using bioidentical hormones.    

She has recommended the [name of clinic removed] in London - has anyone else tried it?  Is it worth it?  

I really want to do it but dont want to cause more problems for myself and to be honest I feel quite terrified going back into the medical environment. 

Any feedback / info would be hugely appreciated.  

And people think cancer ends when the treatment stops..... if only!!  




I have no insight on bioidentical hormones but I'm the same as you feel conventional HRT is ok and relives most symptoms but I've put weight on too even going to the gym 3 times a week, have little urge for sex and Def feel older than I should...I'm nearly 40 too!! 

ill be really interested to hear if anyone replies to you!! I assume it's not available on the NHS!? 

:) xx

Thanks for replying!

No not available on the NHS and it is pricey but if it would make a big difference I would happily go for it.  I would just like to hear a bit more from others who have been to this clinic in particular and how they have got on.  

I have asked on another forum too so will see what comes back and will let you know!