Bigger penis give you std?

i was trying to reply to old topic but for some reason i can’t reply there so i post here

it was some time ago when i heard that theory it wasn’t about hpv specificaly, i know how hpv is transmited.

  1. One of the ways through which HIV and some other diseases are transmitted is the foreskin of the penis, if the foreskin is larger, the area of transmission is automatically larger, that’s why some people prefer circumcision,
    Circumcised men compared with uncircumcised men have also been shown in clinical trials to be less likely to acquire new infections with syphilis (by 42%), genital ulcer disease (by 48%), genital herpes (by 28% to 45%), and high-risk strains of human papillomavirus associated with cancer (by 24% to 47% percent).
  2. If the penis is large and the vagina is small, unlubricated, the friction can be even greater, micro lesions can be created on the surface of the vagina, anus and even throat.

But better don’t belive me and ask a professional, preferably somebody with lots of experience , because something like this they learn from experience not from books from what i heard.