Big decision


having been a nervous wreck waiting for my colposcopy results, on the verge of meltdown by the time the day came, I drove miles and got dh out of work, only to be told that the biopsies were inconclusive! Gah!

so, doc wants a cone biopsy done ASAP, to clarify type/depth of abnormal cells, with a view to prob needing more treatment after that. But it was only when I got home that I started to wonder what the point of having a cone was when it's likely I will need further treatment anyway. 

has anyone else been in this position? Would it be more sensible for me to tell them I would just like a hysterectomy, therefore ensuring removal of all abnormality?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Molly x

Hi mollz


Im so sorry that you are in this position especially having inconclusive results. I have not been in the same position as my dr has just opted for lletz treatment however id like to be able to help if i can. I think i would feel the same in that i would just opt for treatment and not have the cone biopsy but i think i would hold fire on a hysterectomy unless i had no choice. Did they have any idea at your colp what stage the abnormal cells were at ? Have they said what plan they have for treatment for you ? I can understand you want to remove the possibility of any abnormalities i feel the same too sometimes but just am curious if there were other treatment options available for you ?

Take care


July 2014 abnormal smear

August 2014 colposcopy CIN 2/3 found

September 16th 2014 LLETZ booked

Hi, thanks for your reply.

the plan at the minute is to do cone and, uness by some miracle the margins are clear, then hysterectomy with poss removal af lymph nodes and poss radiotherapy! Consultant seems pretty sure of stage 1 cc, but says he can't be positive yet! 

I have a very stressful life, which is probably how I got into this mess, and the not knowing is worse than anything. I am finding that I'm worrying myself sick over work more than my health, and what time off i'll need, etc. I suppose that's the main reason I want to get on and be done! But is that silly when there's still a chance it's all precancerous and could be sorted with the cone? 

Mollz x

Sso sorry you are waiting and worrying, there is nothing worse. My originAl biopsies from colposcopy came back as abnormal. My abnormalities were glandular and I was oby diagnosed following a lletz procedure. Inconclusive for what?? Cin, cgin, cancer? I knew they were looking for cancer at my colposcopy he marked invasive on the form and rushed the results a week later they were inconclusive and the only way to get a definite answer was the lletz. It is very possible though they get clear margins with just cell abnormalities or cc in situ which is the first few mm. 


Take care and hope all goes well. 



Hi, thank you for replying. It always feels like someone cares!

it said on the biopsy report,'at least precancerous.' Adenocarcenoma in situ also mentioned. But I know the consultant is expecting to eventually find cc.

I think I am confusing myself by googling too much now.

what stage in the process are you at now?

Molly xx

Thats ok always here to listen. Its such a difficult decision for you do u do the cone biopsy get the results and then need a hysterectomy or do ot and find that its not cc. I have always been optamistic so i would decide to have the cone and pray that its not cc but thats just me. Good luck with which ever decision you opt for and please let us know how you get on. 


Take care


Lisa x

I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma 1b2. Or if only should of been chemo/radiation  for that but my oncologist decided to do full chemotherapy with the hope of giving me a hysterectomy at the end of it. Nearly finished the chemo now. At those very early stages the cone biopsy should be plenty however he joy of adenocarcinoma is it can skip lesions and so they do prefer to do a bit more radical treatment. Take care Charlene 


i have been scheduled for urgent cone this Thursday afternoon! just going to go for that and hope for the best, but think hard to be sure with the cgin, therefore does still feel like maybe an unnecessary middle step. 

Yuck yuck yuck. I can't concentrate on anything! All over the place!


molly xxx ps thanks girls.