Big bleed !

I have been diagnosed with a large tumour on my cervix. I had started to bleed which was a surprise as I'd had an hysterectomy 11 years ago and not a spot of blood since.

My treatment 32 radio and 5 cistaplatin starts on Monday 17th June.

I had been admitted to hospital twice with heavy bleeds in the last month. They packed me full of gauze.. yards of the stuff ! So painful, it was like sitting on a rusty fence post ! I was put on a drip of transexemic acid too

Since then I have been given transexemic pills to take as and when needed.. up to 3 a day. I'd been managing very well on one every other day until this morning, when I had a huge bleed with massive clots. Tried to phone my oncology nurse but had to leave a message as she wasn't available. It seems to have slowed now though.

Any experience please ladies? 

Finally got hold of the nurse. She said to take the tablets and this was quite a normal occurence, and that I'd have to go in to be packed again if it doesn't stop ! 

She also said when treatment starts that usually stops the bleeding too ?


Hi Sooze,


I had bleeding and haemorrhaging prior to starting treatment – it was so scary and like a scene from Carrie when it happened! I didn't get anything to stop it, just let it stop naturally which took a couple of hours mainly because I was too scared to move! Initially with me they only found cin3 so I had lletz procedure under GA and haemorrhaged during that too so had the gauze packing which left me totally traumatised when I had it removed, it was definitely worse than giving birth and by far and away the worst thing I’ve been through during this journey (but I haven’t had brachy yet so that statement might change!!). I’m now half way through week 5 of my chemo rads and feeling absolutely fine, in fact I’m carrying on working full time around appointments and driving for nearly 3 hours a day (big shout out and thanks to lolli who made me realise it was possible!). I haven’t passed a drop of blood since starting treatment and actually on day 7 I passed a ball of tissue just smaller than my tumour size and haven’t had even the slightest bit of discharge since and the excruciating pain down my lower back and right leg that I was left with after the lletz disappeared completely too…I’m wondering if that happened so quickly because my cervix was quite unstable after all the bleeding? Hopefully you’ll find the same, just 5 more sleeps and you’ll start to get better! xxxx


Thanks Kathryn I'm hoping that will be the case. I'm moving around very carefully today as I DO NOT want to be packed again !! That was horrendous and like you I couldn't believe how much gauze was it there when they finally pulled it out.. Money Mouth

That's really encouraging to hear how well your treatment is going, fingers  crossed for the same

All that packing....horrible. I felt like a magician's trick when the consultant was pulling it out...I sswear it took him about 5 minutes! Tongue Out