Berkshire Lets Meet


anyone interested in meeting up?

I was thinking Reading, a Saturday afternoon/evening, let me know if interested, then we can organise a venue.

Loraine x

Great - I’m up for that - I live in reading as well!

Z xx

Hiya that sounds good to me! xx


what dates are good for you? i can do Saturday 14/21 November, I can do a week night as we are all in Reading, maybe that is an option? I’d thought a Saturday if people had to travel from further in Berks.

let me know what you think then we can organise somewhere to meet.

Loraine x

I can do either of those dates - on the assumption that I’m not in hospital or just had an operation (currently awaiting a date)

Z xx

We can wait to organise a venue till nearer the date. Hope you get your date for your op through soon, waiting for dates is horrible, i always felt i was in limbo!

Loraine xx

Hello Ladies,

I live In Newbury but I go 2 reading daily count me in for the meet up can anyone send me the details? I havent been on here for a year or so

Emily xx

I’m still able to do either of these dates - my surgery to remove VAIN 3 has been scheduled for Nov 25th.

Z xx

Sorry haven’t been on for a while, had my check up yesterday wanted to get that over then start thinking straight again!
I am not going to be able to do a Saturday work has asked me to do extra till Christmas. Can we change to a week night? Weeks starting the 16th or the 23rd Nov are good for me, let me know what you think, also any suggestions of where to meet?

Loraine xx

sorry to be a pain but w/c 16th Nov is when my daughters 21st is and I’ll be busy preparing for that. w/c 23rd is when mu op is scheduled for. Anu chance we could shift it to w/c 7th Dec? A week night then would be ok for me. If that’s no good then I’ll sit this one out and catch up another time.

Z xx

i am the pain changing dates! i can do w/c 7th Dec :smiley: lets try for then. Enjoy your daughters 21st, will be thinking of you on the 25th Nov. I was thinking of somewhere in the Oracle to meet what do you think ?

Loraine xx

that sounds great - lots of nice places to eat and rink in the oracle. I don’t mind which night in the week - how about the latter end - Wednesday onwards perhaps?

Z xx

Hello ladies,

Is everyone meeting up in Reading on the weekend of the 7th of december so I can put it in my diary? can anyone give me anymore info?

Em x :smiley:

Im up for the 7th dec if thats the plan :smiley:

Vicky xx


We had thought from Wednesday onwards in the evening to meet , i am happy to do the wed 9th/thu 10th/fri 11th Dec

What is best for everyone? once we have a day sorted we can decide a venue.

Z hope your feeling okay after yesterday x

Loraine xx


anyone still fancy meeting up?


Would love to be in touch with ladies near to me. i am actually in S Bucks but no-one around here to talk to.

Any chance of another meetup locally?