Benign endocervical glands

Hi people,

I just got my results back from my colposcopy and I do not really understand them, so I wanted to ask for you help. I will definitely try to get in contact with my OBGYN to ask more, but the more information I can get, the better.

So I got an abnormal pap last year at my first pap smear in my life, at age 30. Since it also came back HPV positive, they did a colposcopy. That showed that I only had mild dysplasia, so thy asked me to come back in a year and see if my body had cleared it.

This month I went back, and again my pap said abnormal (ASCUS) and HPV positive. So I went in for another colposcopy. This time she took 2 biopsies: 1 from inside my cervix and 1 outside (I don’t know where that exactly was taken from, but that is what she said).

Now my result came back through my digital web portal and they say:

  • Specimen 1 L: HPV effect exocervix
  • Specimen 2 L: benign endocervical glands

So I have no idea what this means… they took a weird looking spot out of me and turned out it was just gland? :-p What kind of gland is this? And what is this “effect”? It does not say anything about CIN 1/2/3 or mild/moderate/severe or something I would understand. The advice is to, yet again, come back in a year, but I am confused about what exactly they found…
So, any clarification would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi there where are you from? Did you get referred from your doctor for the colposcopy? As usually they will explain the results in person. It sounds like you still have the HPV virus so they will continue to monitor you annually. As for the benign endocervical canal biopsy, benign is not harmful, so that is good. They wouldn't want to see you in a year if they had found anything untoward. Usually the jargon you've received is re written for the patient to understand so i would query the interpretation to ease your mind- but all sounds good to me x