Bemfola - Fertility treatment

Hi everyone.

I was recently diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer and my consultant has rushed me through to the fertility specialists before I undergo my chemo and radiotherapy to preserve my fertility. I started on a drug called bemfola (administered by injection) tonight and it is making me feel a little nauseated. I have a strange pain on my right outer butt cheek (i was injected with something there earlier in the day, can’t remember what) and I am a little concerned about it. It feels like a bruise being hit, if that makes sense.

Has anyone else gone through this? Is what I am feeling normal?

All information I can find on google doesnt really give me much and not too many people seem to be talking about this stuff on forums.

First off sorry you're going through this whole cancer journey. Is this drug for egg retrieval? I had egg freezing before treatment, I don't think they used that specific brand on me. Everyone is different in how their body reacts to the fertility drugs.luckily I didn't experience any nausea but was told and read that that was normal. I was always injected in my stomach and sometimes it would feel sore.i hope everything turns out well, and if u have any questions feel free to ask me.