Belts and Braces

Hi guys


Havent been on for a while, I had a really bad kidney infection but okay now.  Started chemo yesterday and radiotherapy, sOo far okay, the only noticable side effect is the chemo has given me had heartburn, will have to speak to the hospital tom and see if I can get something to stop it.  Also pleased to tell you all I got clearance from the Occupational health to go back to year two of my nurse training so happy.  I feel that although I still have this treatment my life is coming back.  I have stopped thinking about cancer in the morning and last thing at night.

Still have a distance to go but it will all be over on the 14th November 13 :)


Hope all you ladies are okay 

Much Love 



firstly sorry for your diagnosis but well done for being so brave, ask your GP for Ranitadine for the heartburn, works wonders :) s xx

Hi Emma,

Well done, you are so brave! Congrats also on the nursing training. What a goal to strive for! I hope the rest of your treatment continues to go as well as it can. Xxx

Good news, hope it continues this week. Bad luck with tonsillitis though...

fab news about ur nursing course- lots of luck with that. Will give u something to keep u very busy and focused over coming months!

xxx dons

haha dons I have had a kidney infection, I am in my second year nurse training im doing mental health, wow how my mental health has been tested.  The treatment is only to make sure that it doesnt come back, the cancer has gone.  Funny people dont understand that.  Thanks for the support x


glad to read that things are moving along for you, i admire your positive attitude.



Sorry.. shouldn't try to do two things at once- someone was talking about tonsillitis... Urgh... Kidney infection far worse! Apologies... jelly brain still... Hope urs is not like jelly for all that studying!! Xxx 

Hi Emma,

I agree with pat - great positive attitude you have. X x