Being given this website at my smear test ?

Hi :wave:
I don’t really know what to say here !
I went for my routine smear test and she had a few problems ( which has never happened before ) had to use a longer speculum and finally got there in the end . Then started explaining HPV etc. Then handed me a small piece of paper with the details of this website on it and told me it would be helpful for me to look into this !
I don’t really know what to take from that
I am wishing you all the very best and hoping you are all staying as safe and well as you can in the circumstances :heart: X

Were you especially anxious because of the difficulty with the speculum? She might have just referred you here so you could get some information on HPV so that you could inform and reassure yourself if you were stressing out.

I expect if she actually saw anything concerning she would have told you at the time.


I am a disabled lady of 37 years young lol :joy:
I wasn’t anxious as have never been with things like that . Even when it came to covering up , I said oh I don’t need that us ladies can’t afford to b shy the amount of times we have to have things like this done haha :laughing: .
I have never been one to be nervous about these things as have been having them done for so many years but have also had so many issues down there that I have also had to have so many investigations . Th other thing that was strange was that she said I would hear within a week ! Now I know these things are taking a bit longer than this at the minute with all the back log etc . I was a bit taken back with everything she said and was in a bit of shock and it didn’t all register until I got gone and actually sat and thought about it all .
I am generally a closed off person and don’t ask for support with anything but this has bothered me a bit …

Are you able to book a telephone consultation with the nurse and ask her directly?

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