Been waiting 5 weeks for LLETZ results

anyone else still waiting on results? 

(I know it can take up to 8 weeks I'm just getting impatient lol) 

I had Lletz on July 7th.

I phoned the hospital about 2 and half weeks after and was told the result over the phone.  The lady said she would put them out in the post to me.  Not received.

so 2 weeks ago I contacted the department again and was told they will type out letter and send out to me.   Still not received.

Hi. I called after 3 weeks and was told results over the phone.

I called after two weeks but they werent ready. Was gonna leave it till the 6th weeks (which is tomorrow) to call 

That's bad they haven't sent out your letter! 

I'll give them another week then ask them again 

Well I called up yesterday and the letter is in the post, she read it to me and it says all CIN2 removed, no signs of cancer, repeat smear in 6 months'

phew!! i don't know if it says anything about HPV though which I really want to know cos if I have HPV then I'm just going to keep getting this abnormal cells. But for now- WOO! 

Yay! That's great news.