Been told clear margins don’t matter?

Hi everyone,
I had a lletz to remove CIN3 a few days ago. During my appointment I spoke to the consultant about what to expect from the results. We discussed that I wanted to try and conceive and I asked “if my margins are all clear from my results will I be ok to try for a pregnancy”. She then told me that they don’t care about clear margins for CIN cells, only for CGin cell changes. This is completely different to anything I’ve read or heard before, and I’m wondering if anyone else has been told this? I’d be very concerned to have a pregnancy and not therefore be followed up until after the birth if I did not have clear margins from my treatment.

Hi @Asc

As far as im aware, it really depends on how much is left over in order to get those clear margins on what the next steps are… if they havnt met them they usually discuss the results at an MDT meeting where they will determine whether the wire would have burnt away the remainder of the cells, if they determine it wouldnt have been burnt away they normally call us in for another LLETZ treatment

I had CIN3 with margins not being mentioned on my results and my GP is none the wiser either lol but i was reassured if “they wernt happy” with what they had removed i would have been called in for a further LLETZ before my 6 month follow up… i tested negative for HPV at my test of cure in september so im back to 3 yearlies (unsure on the status of my cells though they dont check them when you test negative, its assumed there isnt any) xx

Thank you for your response. I’ve never heard of anyone not being told their margin status before. It’s honestly all so scary. I’m so glad your test of cure was negative though. Xx