Been to see gyno now coloposcopy

So got referred to the gyno which I have just got home from…due to irregular spotting etc. On insertion of the medium speculum I yelped in pain…very painful. So he then tried with the small…which was fine. He stated I had ectopion of the cervix which could have been causing the bleeding and discharge. But what he didn’t mention to me is if this would cause the excruciating pain from the medium speculum??? He said he couldn’t do a smear there so is referring me to the coloposcopy clinic…he said they would paint something on and see if there were any changes also deal with this cervix problem…my last 2 smears have been fine…bit in 2008 after the birth of my first child I had mild changes. Only just found that out now 7 years later…so basically what I’m asking is…is this cervix thing common…is this what could have caused the pain. And if I’ve had changes before can I have them again. Thanks in advance chicas xxx

Just asked docs and they said the changes in 2008 were due to cervicitis…not hpv or cin…and I think this was due to recurring bv and thrush…xx no stds ever xx