Been referred for ultrasound - too young for smear

Hi, I've been experiencing pain during and bleeding after sex since the end of 2010. Since then I've had irregular bleeding which has progressively got more frequent and heavy. Since about October of last year, i've been experiencing severe lower abdominal and back pains and sex has become excruciating to the point where I just don't have it anymore. I was tested for STIs in January which all came back negative and given treatment for PID just in case and then sort of forgot about it as everything was a bit on and off. Over the last month or so, it has flared up and I've been persistently bloated for 5 weeks now, have abdominal pains everyday which are just about dulled by tramadol and over the last week have had heavier bleeding than I have ever experiencing, including passing golf-ball sized clots. I'm now exhausted all the time and I've lost my appetite and lost about half a stone over the last week or so but at the same time my belly is swollen and I can't keep food down without feeling sick. My doctor referred me a few weeks ago to have an ultrasound and I'm wondering if anyone has ever had this course of investigation for similar symptoms. My doctor said I'm too young to have a smear test. I've been nervous about it for a while considering my mum and her 4 sisters all had CIN2/CIN3 at 22/23 and I'm now 23. I kind of just want to know what's going on and I'm probably jumping the gun by thinking it's anything to do with this, but I'm just fed up with how long this has gone on and now I feel like shit all the time! 

hi sorry your very worried and have bad symptoms. i have had very similar symptoms and i am 24. i went back and too to the gp with pains and bleeding etc. still not offered a smear i rang the doctors just spoke to receptionist and said i would like to book in for a smear test and went from there. they did it for me but apparently some are funny and wont if u explain u have symptoms and there is history in family. the nurse that did mine was fine didnt have a problem with age. and it came back abnormal so was sent for a colposcopy and biopsy. finding out its wasnt CIN1 like they thought but there words at least CIN2 maybe CIN3. not trying to scare you. just we know are own bodies and if you are not happy do something about it yourself and get booked in. good luck let me know how you get on.

Definitley try and get one done, get another opinion. Don't let them fob you off like that!

Stephanielouise's advice is also good if you call up to book a test they don't always question it.

You shouldn't have to live with pain and that kind of bleeding.

Hope it all gets sorted for you xx