Been made an appointment to see the consultant for my results...

Had a call today saying my LLETZ results were in and I needed to come I and talk to the consultant on Weds about them (rather than getting them through the post as I was told I would). Wouldn't tell me anything over the phone and when I said "should I be worried?" She said well you'll need more treatment but don't panic toooo much. 

Safe to say I'm terrified. What a long 48 hours this is going to be!!!!

Has anyone else had this and actually had a good outcome at the appointment?

Hi Boop,

It's only natural that you worry about this... however, do not think the worse. I know a couple of people who have had CGIN (cells higher up) found on their LLETZ and been called back in (this is not cc).


all the best xxx

Sorry it's a bit off topic, was wondering how long you waited for your results?  Xx

My biopsies were done 1st May and lletz was 26 June. I didnt get my biopsy results until at my lletz appointment and I suppose it's taken nearly 3 weeks for my lletz results to come back. Hope that helps! x

Just read your post… And just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow!!! :slight_smile:
As previously said … It doesn’t mean the worst!! xx

Hi boop

Hope all goes ok today


Thanks all. Mixed really! They did find early cancerous cells up in the neck of the womb (can't remember the name but apparently its only 1 in 10,000 cases so CC so nice and rare!). They think they removed it all as there were clear margins but sent me for an MRI to be sure. Will then decide what to do with me, likely a cone biopsy or the thing where they remove your cervix but not your womb (can't remember the name of that either!). So now the wait begins! X

Oh Boop sorry to see your diagnosis but it looks like you have been lucky to catch it so early! The trachelectomy procedure is where they remove the cervix and I am told is not that bad and my friend has had 3 kids since. When will you find out the mri results and treatment plan? Thinking of you! Xx

Hopefully later this week. The MDT meetings are weekly on a wednesday so hopefully my MRI results will be back in time for the next one and I'll hear after that. Fingers crossed! Thanks for your message :) x