been diagnosed and it doesnt feel real......



after what seems like forever of going back and forth with docs and everyone, my gyne has told me i have cervical cancer...........possibly type the last 2/3 weeks i've been rushed from one thing to the next. all started with a colposcopy biopsy, which couldnt be completed due to the size of my abnormal cells (doc acted perfectly normal and said he would put me under for it instead) everyone told me not to worry it was normal..............the next day i got a call saying i had been booked in for an emergency operation............still told it was normal........on the 9th of may i got a call to return to the hospital ASAP.....


.......the diagnoses was given and i was in shock, still am. again i was told it was ok and early so not to worry ( i wish people would stop saying that) i was then told a that it would take a week to be informed of my treatment plan and get more info......and again i got a shock phone call, supper time the next night i get a call telling me im getting a PET scan. not why or what it will do or how it might affect things....then the weekend. i've been left feeling lost and confused, more than anything panicky, like its not really happening to me, and now im getting a MRI in 2 weeks, does it seem like a good wait time? this all so strange and unfamiliar that im worrying over silly little things too.


...........and yet part of me feels like i shouldnt be making a big deal about it or feeling the way i do, there is people worse so maybe im making a big deal over something that i shouldnt be????

Hi there.
Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.
Unfortunately I can’t shed any light on it all for you as I’m pretty much in the same boat!
I’m waiting to have my MRI in 2 weeks also. I’ve been told its best to wait for all inflammation from my Lletz procedure to subside first. I assume that would be the same reason for yourself? Then they will treatment plan me and go from there!
It’s so scary! And like you everyone has told me not to worry every step of the way! Even now!! How can I not worry!?
Do you know when your MRI is scheduled for yet?

Just wanted you to know you weren’t alone and I know exactly how you feel!

All the best
Emma xx

hello, i have had my mri and my results from the pet scan today and my treatment plan 

didnt go so well and has been a bit of a blow really. been told im not getting a op now as i would still need a lot of treatments afterwards and my body may struggle so i have to have a intensive course or radio and chemotherapy for 6 weeks and thats just the start of my treatments.

not to mention the fact that i have a rare type that i cant seem to find any info on at all! 

we are all here for each other and i for one and glad to hear from others and happy to give any support or help i can.

hope your doing ok.

eve xx

Hi eve

I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Try and stay strong, and take some reassurance from the incredibly brave ladies on here that have come out the other end! Yet i know that is all easier said than done!

I’ll be hoping and praying that your journey isn’t too hard xx

Hi eve, I too have been told I cannot have an op to remove as I need chemo and intensive radiotherapy before they decide what action they will then take! My first thought is just get this horrible thing out of me! I only got diagnosed last Wednesday so it’s all still fresh, next Wednesday is the start of chemo and I am so scared! I hope you have a great support network as I have because I really couldn’t do it with them! I hope both you and I can support each other along this journey.

Take care
Laura xx