becoming a grandma

sorry if this offends anyone but I have just become the grandma to a baby girl , My son told me he his wife was pregnant during my treatment last year and to be honest I didnt think i would live to see her, but I have and she is beautiful :smiley:

I know that sometimes its a bit difficult for people but I would think that having your post title like that would help prevent it. Congratulations to you all, tiz a wonderful miracle of life and gives you back so many reasons why we fight for life. Love to you all xxxxx

Congratulations! Being a Granny is the best job in the world!! xxx

Congratulations, you have every right to celebrate and i am sure the girls on here will not be offended, i know it’s hard but as your title explains it all, some girls who do not want to read it don’t have too. You enjoy your new grandchild. It is a whole new life and that is a miracle. xxxxxxxx


PS. Just found out i am going to have a grandchild too. very excited.xx

Congratulations - i am sure no one if offended by you having some good luck.
Best wishes to you all

Congratulations! I am realy happy for you!!!

Lots of love XXXXXXXX



it’s the one of reasons why we fight to be still alive … hope you can enjoy your happiness long long time yet

lots of hugs
Gosia xxxx

I have to admit that I do have mixed feelings about this - am so happy for you and your family. But at the same time it does bring up feelings about my own infertility after cancer.



it is totally amazing ,to be a grandma.,i didnt post in october when we were blessed,as i didnt want to cause upset.enjoy the little one xxxx