Beating cancer

Most of you know I’m palliative so
I’ve posted the following on the living with advanced cancer forum but also wanted to share it with you ladies aswell just to let you see that what ever stage were at we are all doing it together and wether we’re feeling poorly or have recovered faster than others everyone is an individual but in one way we’re all the same xx

Just wanted to share my day with you

After being given the news on Monday that unfortunately another one of my household as succumb to the big C and that I have a new cancer fighting buddy my dog diesel :frowning:

my husband and lads took me to ladybower reservoir today to clear my head
this is nothing new for me but as we drove over the peaks a view that I’ve seen 100’s of times before for some reason took
My breath away I actually said what an amazing view think this cancer lark is making me realise the things we take for granted
Off the men went on there bikes and I was left to walk round the reservoir which I did all the way round it was a lovely day all be it a bit chilly when I arrived back at the car our jake said gosh mum have you walked all the way round I looked and said actually yes I have

In the pub our Josh raised a toast and said here’s to you mum today you won a challenge today your beating cancer after wiping away the tears I suddenly thought he’s right and that everyone of us wether we are NED , stage 4 or palliative if we are here today then today we’re all beating cancer

Stay strong ladies
Onwards and upwards
Love Michelle xx


what a beautiful post...... if everyone could learn to live each day, celebrate the smallest of things and share nice things this world would be so much kinder. Thank you for sharing your day with us. 



Just want to say that was a beautiful post and really glad u shared it with all of us. XXX:-)

Beautiful post thanks for sharing onwards and upwards we are all fighters xx

Hi Michelle It's true - we all just have today and appreciating that day completely is a gift. I hear birds now wherever I am. A sound I've probably ignored for years. Life is richer for me after all this business just like you and the views. Jayne


Beautiful  post .  Cancer has taught me to appreciate everything and at the end of everyday I think about all the positive things that have happened ,that I have done and achieved , it could be something as daft as getting all of the Windows cleaned !! 

Whilst we are all here were all fighting this , all beating this cancer .  

Like you say onwards and upwards.