Baths, Sex & Lletz

So, Lletz booked in for next week & I saw a post about no sex or baths for 4-6 weeks....all I can think is..I need to cram as many baths in as I can this week. In fact I am im the bath right now..have I got my priorites right?

Ha ha Sadie this is totally me. I Am booked for a colposcopy on the 12th, not sure if they will LLETZ me there and then or not. I am making the most of baths, sex and flippy skirts (even tho its a bit chilly round my way!) and swimming. It will be over soon enough, but its so frustrating when you are unable to do something, makes you want it more than ever! Good luckx


Im not feeling urge for anything other than a bubble bath & bar of chocolate right now. Since the spotting earlier this week my whooha has lost her mojo. 

 Ah well never mind.  Good luck with your colposcopy xx 


I have never missed having a bath as much until now!! I am nearly 3 weeks post lletz and reallllly would love a long soak! Half way there, I'm playing it safe and waiting 6 weeks. No fun at all!

I'm not feeling much like sex like now (unfortunately) because I'm feeling a little sensitive down there right now. Missing it though and hope that when 6 weeks arrives I'm good to go!
Bring on the baths and sex! (and swimming too!)

Aug 2013 - turned 25, clear smear result
Jan 2015 - smear taken as part of routine 'full body' health check-up - results show HPV 16 high risk, and CIN 1 confirmed
Jan 2015 - colposcopy, CIN 2 confirmed, biopsy taken - results inconclusive, return in 6 months for another colposcopy
July 2015 - 6 mth repeat colposcopy - abnormal cells seen, biopsy taken, and smear
July 2015 - smear results show HPV 16 moderate changes, biopsy result inconclusive (again) - lletz carried out. 
July 2015 - Lletz results showed CIN 1, removed with clear margins. Check-up smear in 6 months. 

Hi Sadie,

Perhaps its because I am second time (un)lucky. I was totally freaked out last time and wept my way through Christmas. I'm trying to keep a bit more chipper this time, although must confess chocolate has been a good friend to me too. I am not going to give you the don't worry, you will be fine bs, even though the chances are really high that you will be totally fine. What I will say is that I had a bit of spotting which infact prompted my smear, and my results came back as  "just" CIN3. I have done some pretty extensive googling (my bad!) and I keep reading that CIN doesn't have any symptoms, which it very clearly did for me. Foregoing a shower this morning for a lovely bath, hope the kids don't find me and want to jump in!

Good luck for Weds, my colposcopy is in the afternoon on the same day x

I've been having lovely baths....I'm using himalayan salts though not ordinary bubble bath.....think I only waited a few just felt right.....had no problems so far :) didn't stay in the bath for hours though just 5-10 mins. But 3wks 4 days and ....well ended up gently DTD...and bleeding now :(...any body else had this? due for my coil to be re-fitted tomorrow.  Not going to tell them i'm bleeding today. Going on holiday in 3 weeks PLEASE LET THE BLEEDING STOP!