Bath after LLETZ?

Hi I know people have been told different things from being able to have one straight away to having to wait six weeks. Just wanted to know if anyone has had a bath straight away and how it was? I wasn't actually told anything about having a bath And the reason I ask is we don't actually have a shower so unless I stink for the next few weeks I don't really have a choice!

I know the area is raw and healung but surely it is too after having a baby and getting a tear? After a baby they let you bath straight away.


any advice please? TIA

Hi I haven't had LLETZ but  have had biopsy this week. I have been told not to bath for 2 weeks to reduce risk of infection to wounds. They tell you not to swim for the same reason. I'm pretty sure advice for LLETZ is the same. 

Hope this helps.

Rachel x

Hi icklede,

My hospital paperwork told me to have baths and if possible 2 baths a day to keep myself free from any risk of infection. No bubble bath allowed and baths can only be warm not hot. I've been doing this since 5th May with no problems :)

Hope this helps?

Ah fab thank you emmsyluv. That's what I was thinking of doing just having a bath with no bubble bath in. Glad to hear you've had no issues with that so I will give that a go.