Bamboozled newbie, advice - (children mentioned)?

Hey guys! First of all thanks in advance for any responses ! 

As you can see (hopefully lol) from my signature I had my first smear test back in Jan '14 at 32yrs !! I realise now how daft I was to leave it so long but there was always a reson or excuse. I had our first DD at the age of 17y and was booked in for my smear at the 6 wk check up but they wouldn't do it until I was 25ys even though it was pretty obvious I was sexually active ! Fast forward 7 yrs and I found out I was expecting DD2 when my appt came through and due to complications I and GP wouldn't risk it, again at my 6 wk check up I was bleeding so it didn't happen then within 4 months I was expectating DS, again complications & period at 6wk check. I then during the next 2 years, I did book 3 appts that then had to be cancelled due to my period arriving ( I've always been irregular) . Then DD3 came along, by the time she'd arrived life was crazy and I kept putting the 'dreaded' smear to the back of my mind - Despite repeated letters etc. By then I just couldn't bring myself to make the appt because I was so worried that it would be bad news so therefore ignored it (?!?!) 

Finally I plucked up the courage and it wasn't so bad, I wasn't even overly worried about the results either ironically. Within 5/10 days I had my results - CIN3 /  severe dyskaryosis. My DH and I took it all in our stride and didn't particularly worry about the colposcopy or treatment, we just got on with it and 'gave' it to God.  Fortunately (or not) a good friend of mine had gone through the exact same diagonsis 6 years before, she told me everything I needed to know and completely put our minds to rest.  The day of the appt arrived, it was all good tbh. I didn't experience any pain or even discomfort really ( I did take Co-Codamol beforehand I admit), the Nurses & team were fab.

I'm a bit gruesome and was hoping to see the treatment through computers but alas they didn't have the equipment. I did get to see the area they removed (approx 5/6mm with 4/5mm in depth.

The worst thing I found was the awful smell of burning flesh LOL ! I must admit for anyone waiting on this appt - you will leave your dignity at the door but having had 4 children I think mines long gone haha ! I always think 'I bet they've seen worse than mine' anyway in situations like that. 

I recieved a letter stating that they believed everything had been removed and they would see me again in Aug.  Fast forward to last Mon 11/8/14 and I thought I was going for a routine appt and nothing to worry about........ This time the lady gynae had no social skills (not sure if there was a language barrier) but I couldn't get a straight answer out of her about anything - not what was going to happen before it did, what she had seen or even doing ?! I was on my own and suddenly turned into a young girl and never asked many questions let alone the right ones and I came away distraught.  

I'll explain what I do know and I'm hoping one of you might be able to explain a little more. I know that I had just a routine smear test and then there was 2 different liquids / dye placed on my cervix and I was tested for HPV.  She did mention a biopsy but I'm not convinced that happened tbh. I was then left to change n leave by myself with a 'you'll receive all the results in 4-6wks' .

Anyway my questions are..... Surely if the liquid /dye was used any abnormal cells would have stood out and I would have received treatment ? There & then like in Feb? Is it likely I had a biopsy if I didn't ' feel ' like I had one? And should I be a little concerned at all? I was sterlised with our last DD and my periods are really heavy and I do bleed irregularly. On friday I had an internal scan to look for anything within my womb and I got the all clear, thankfully ! But would that sonographer have been able to see anything if there is anything? If I do test positive for HPV what is the usual plan of action?

I know I've waffled and I'm really grateful for anyone who takes the time to help ! 


There are ladies around here who know a great deal more than i do.  I know a little about HPV though, there are different strains/types of HPV, some are considered more high risk than others.  There's no treatment for HPV, so there won't be any further action, but if that's what they were testing for, it will surely (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) just be so that they have all of the knowledge.  My partner was treated for CIN3 a few years ago and after the following check up was released back on to 5 (or is it 4?) yearly smears.  They found high risk HPV last time I had a colp (and back then, it was only borderline changes) and I have since been on 6 monthly smears. I think the high risk HPV is related more to the changes in the cells.  It's not treatable, so far as I know, which is why they keep a regular check on you.

On my first colp, they took a biopsy and I didn't feel any pain at all - in fact he told me he was going to do it, I waited and then he told me it was done.

My main advice would be to phone the clinic and tell them you met with a doctor who was very uncommunicative and you've been left feeling very confused.  there will be someone, at least a nurse who can talk things over with you, explain everything that was done and what it means.