bad smell

I feel so stupid writing this sorry I no its gross


I had loop on monday, since tuesday I have had to bath three times aday, the smell from down there (sorry) is so strong and unpleasant,  could this be a infection,  my docs dont open till monday so I will just have to wait till then, its really embrassing, I dont want to have another swab test down there, im fed up off people inbtween my legs lol


Just wondered if any one has had this, is it normal, I havent bled but had really watery discharge. 


Sorry for the minging post

Hi there

Yes I had an awful smell a few days after LLETZ . Was so horrible , know what you mean , also had loads of watery discharge too . I ignored mine but ended up needing to speak to the doctor and being told it was an infection and I needed antibiotics. Maybe call your docs on Monday for advice. I also didn't bath for about 4 weeks which was the worst but I didn't want to risk infection but ended up getting one anyway. I hope you feel better and get sorted , wish you well 

Yeah I agree with lornie. Sounds like infectioN. Get Dr to check x

I had this.. The smell got so bad I remember being paranoid at work incase people could smell it. I did have an infection and like you I realised it could be an infection on the day my gp was closed. I went to an emergency walk in center and got antibiotics .. Within 24 hours the colour of discharge changed and smell was gone. I advise you go to see a dr (walk in center) ASAP. 

Thank you all for taking time out to reply, I will be following your advice,  thanks all x