bad reaction to local anaesthetic

Hi everybody, so i have just returned from the hospital after having lletz, after all my worrying it really wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, the only pain i had was the local anaesthetic needle, i had a bad reaction to the first needle, started really badly shaking:( so the doctor had to use 2 more needles without the adrenaline in them, was wondering if this happened to anybody else? Still feel quite sick and shakey but am hoping this will pass, now just the dreaded 4 week wait for results now!!!  


Hi Claire,

I'm sure you will feel less sick and shakey in an hour or two. Have yourself a nice cup of tea and a biscuit.

Oddly enough, I had a needle error this morning at hospital too. I had a butterfly valve fitted for my CT scan and when it was time to take it out, the girl botched it. A beautiful arc of fresh blood flying through the air, out the door and across the floor of the waiting area. LOL :-)

Good luck with your results

Go Well


I'm going in tomorrow for mine :( trying to keep myself busy today to not think about it!  But all I'm doing is thinking about it! 

Hi tivoli 

Sounds like you have had a fun morning lol, hope your ct scan went ok tho :) thank you for replying, feeling less shaky and sick now, just lots of period like pains, that im soooo not used to, as i dnt have periods, (im on the depo injection)  but a few pain killers and i will be right, no rest for the wicked with 3 boys to run round after x 


Hi nia, 

I know how you feel, ive previously posted asking was a vei g dramatic, lastnight i had about 2 hours sleep, but honestly for me it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, like i said the anaesthetic needle was the most painful, and my uncontrollable shaking that came on after the needle was annoying, the treatment was fine, my appointment was 10.20 i was home by 11, im not going to tell you not to worry because i know you will, it dosnt matter how many times i was told that and yet still got myself into a state. 

Hope all goes well tomorrow, you can always message me if you need to talk, this site is amazing for support. 


Thank you Claire :) much appreciated.  I have a habit of making humour out of this situation because it's either that or cry.  I can see myself trying to make light of the whole thing tomo in the chair to try and appease my long suffering husband but panicking like a nutter underneath.  Thank you for your comforting words tho,  it really puts my mind at rest.  I'm trying to throw myself into housework today! So at least the house will be tidy!  Xxxx

The local sent me do lally, legs shaking like mad and shivery all over, felt drunk is poss best way to describe it, had to go and lye down afterwards and spent rest of day on sofa after bf made me eat some food. Felt crap the next day, and day after looked like death warmed up. Odd how it affects some people. Hope your not feeling too bad now