Bad pain


I have my colposcopy tomorrow, actually not freaking out now (took a while for that to stop!!). I have been experiencing pain for a few weeks mostly lower back, hips etc however I am now getting a stabbing pain in my womb area and its quite bad when I stand up. I also have other symptoms hence going for the colposcopy.

Just wondering what kind of pain anyone else experiences? I do have colitis and I am aware of my colitis pain so I am actually hoping its that instead that’s causing the pain.

Thanks in advance


Hi Kelly

How did your colposcooy go?

I've been searching on here about pain and came across your post  I've just had by second colposcopy. the first in October for a biopsy, they confirmed CIN 1,2&3 so I went back on Friday (2/12) for Loop Diathermy. I have found both procedures to be incredibly painful, I've had the weekend to recover and still needed two days off work. I've got to back tomorrow, they'll be mad if I don't!

I'm surprised that I'm having to wait for the results of the diathermy though, I thought that was all done with, so now I'm back to the worry stage and I seem to be constantly googling and frantically searching through here.