Bad pain 15 days post LLETZ- normal?

I had LLETZ on 19th August. Was off work for 3 days as it just messed me right up.


Was having bits of discharge, and then  come this weekend I was getting yellowy/greeny/browny bits "gushing" out of me, followed by what I would say very heavy bleeding. This then stops, goes back to the multicoloured discharge, along with the coffee like bits and then back to heavy bleeding and small clotting. Since yesterday, each time I go to the toilet, afterwards I get searing pain all down there, guessing it because I am using the muscles down there? And then constant aching. Discharge has a bit of a smell to it, but not sure if its bad enough to be an infection?


Is it normal to be in this pain? I suppose I had a bit of hectic weekend and I had to move aload of bin bags, plus push my friend around hsopital in a wheel chair. Could I have just over done it? I thought 2 weeks later I would be ok to do some lifting etc. I was in agony this morning.


I got a nurse to ring me back who literally just repeated the script on my aftercare leaflet, and I couldn't get a word in edge ways, so I'm not convinced.

I would go to see gp. Doesn't sound normal this long after treatment. 

Good luck!  X 

Hi Joulsey, sounds like you have an infection to me and i would recommend getting back to the hospital or to your GP at the very least. I had horrendously heavy bleeding for several weeks but no pain and it was an infection but needed cauterising as well as antibiotics. Please don't be fobbed off as it could well get worse. Good luck.

Well, I had no bleeding yesterday and none today so far, just yellowy type discharge with bits in. Not as much pain when I go to the loo. Its all very strange!