Bad day

Hi all..... Well my positive attitude seems to have disappeared today. It started late last night when I was messing about with my boyfriend and I just felt hair falling onto my shoulders only a little but enough to stop me in my tracks, I started running my fingers through my hair and more an more came out. Not big bunches just strands an I have short hair I have no bald patches but it is thinner and weaker. I had a little cry on my boyfriends shoulder and felt a bit better. I still haven't had any sickness I am so grateful for this as didn't want my kids seeing this. I have felt so much better this week I guess it just knocked my confidence. I then woke this morning feeling very down and started to question why and how my tumour had been missed for six months of me constantly going to the GP and having normal smear and a clear internal examination! I started to get angry again but want to know why my consultant doesn't want to operate and remove my bladder and whatever else it is attached too? Surely it's my choice wether I live my life with a stoma or a bag for my water? why is it his choice? I have ranted a bit but feel better for getting it off my chest and I will be speaking to my consultant on Friday when I'm due my 2nd round of chemo! :( Love Laura xxx

Dear Laura,

I am so sorry to see that you are having such a rough time right now. It must be so difficult when you have had so much to process in such a short time.

Get the anger out as much as you need to, but do try to keep some energy for the fight. You can do this. xxx

Thank you rose…

I was doing so well I guess we all have days like this? and it’s good to show emotions.

Laura xx

Hi Carson4


I am so sorry you have to go through this because it was missed, I have been reading your posts and wanted to tell you that I admire your strength and your positive outlook.  You are going to have wobbles, we all have those.  Keep going and stay strong, you can and will beat this.  Take care.


Kind regards

Emma x

Thank you Emma for your kind words xx