Bad day can't stop overthinking!

Hey everyone,

I’m having a bad day today! I can’t stop going over and over things in my head! I had my 4 month check last month after being diagnosed with stage 1a1 in June! In June I had biopsys taken and they found the tiniest bit of cancer, 0.2mm by 0.3mm! They didn’t give me an MRI at the time but have requested me to have one in 2 weeks time as part of a 6 month routine check up! I’m so scared, does anybody know what the chances are that that size could have spread. I had a second lletz after they found the cancer and it came back with clear margins and also had a smear in Nov and received a letter last week to say that that was negative.
If anyone could give me advice on the spreading chances and also if it is normal to have an MRI at 6 months, or is there something they aren’t telling me! I think I am just driving myself crazy haha.

Thankyouuuuu xxxxx


Sorry to hear you're worrying but from everything I've read the chances of such a small cancer spreading are practically none. However they need to follow up on you and the 6 month MRI is pretty standard from what I've heard. As your smear has been clear I don't think there's any reason to worry!

xx Anna

Hi Holly :-)

We all get scared in the run-up to a follow-up scan. It's quite a weird bit of psychology going on because we don't like not-knowing but we're perfectly capable of getting on with life and not worrying until such time as the doctor wants to make absolutely sure. That's all it is, like checking for dust on a spotless shelf :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thabkyou for replying! I think I'm just overthinking a lot of things!! It's typical my scan is the week before Xmas!! I doubt i will get my results till Jan either!! Thanx again for replying ladies! It's nice to have ppl to talk to xxxx

Im in the same boat as you I've finished my treatment and I am waiting for the dates for all my follow up scans now I get worried from time to time but I just mainly don't think about it.....I think I'm still in denial about the whole thing. Sometimes it hits me but  majority of the time I dont think about it.

i have advanced cc too but all my scans during  have shown the cancer has been shrinking so maybe this is why?

good luck

Arrrr carmel121 it's horrible isn't it! I just hate waiting! My mri has been pushed back now by 10 days but least I get Xmas first!! sure it will be ok!! Just nervous as its my first scan after treatment! What stage were u at?xxx