Bad back

hi everyone, I was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago with at least 1b. Been fine up until last couple of days, but have got an awful back ache, lower part of the back, is it a part of it, or have I just got a run of the mill,bad back? 

Thanks for reading



Hi Tracy,

Back pain can definitely be a symptom of the cancer (especially if it's your lower back). Of course, it could be unrelated (perhaps stress). 

The good news is that it should go away with treatment, if it is related to the cancer. 

Good luck :)


Hi Tracy,

A bad back is a symptom of life in general so try not to stress too much about it. It does seem that most of us start to notice other symptoms once we have received a diagnosis and I think that is simply because we are looking more closely at things we were ignoring beforehand.

But also, the lower back is often affected by gynaelogical goings on; you can have menstruation-related bad back, IUD-related bad back, all sorts. Try to forget about it :-)

Be lucky