Bad back after LLETZ

I had LLETZ treatment 4 days ago. Some cramping but my lower back is really bad. I have suffered with back problems before and it seems this treatment has triggered it off. Has anyone else had problems? If so did it quickly resolve itself? Perhaps the anxiety of treatment and waiting for results is a contributing factor?

Hello I had similar problem but not after Lletz mine was after treatment for polyps in my uterus, I asked the doctor and he said is probably because of the position for the surgery which is the same position as the Lletz, your back is in tension not relaxed because how can you relax while they are doing surgery down there is simply impossible :sweat_smile: . Mine went away after about 3 weeks. I believe I did not get it in the Lletz because it was faster than the polyps one that I was there for just over 40 minutes compared to the 20 minute one for Lletz

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Hi . I’m having polyp procedure under GA on Mon. I don’t want them to just take part of cervix because of polyp, did they do this for you or just to cut the polyps. I’m terrified as I already suffer from Vulvodynia. Many Thanks X

Could I also ask did you get much bleeding/cramping and recovery time. Thanks X

My polyps were not in my cervix they were in the uterus so not sure how they manage the cervix ones but I am guessing they just take out the polyps and they don’t cut the cervix, ask your gp before you go so you know what you are exactly going for.

Thanks. She said mine could be endometrial too. Not sure. I will grill Consultant. Many thanks I appreciate it X

Hello! Yep my back has just started this tonight after 6 days, I’m kind of poised on my left hand side with a hot water bottle on the other! Lots of heat pads and pain meds mostly helping but not sure about sleeping later

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