backache during treatment

Hi guys,


I am just about to complete my 3rd week of chemoradiation and have started to get really bad lower back ache, naturally it worries me as I start thinking it's spreading to my bones. I only get it when I lie down I mentioned. It to radiotherapy and they thought it could be the treatment bed as its very hard, they are sure it hasn't spread as it wasn't anywhere else apart from my cervix when I had my mri and eua.


Has anyone else experienced this?





Hi Laura,

I know exactly what you mean! I too suffered really bad backache and was sure it was because it had spread or something!! but they are right the treatment beds are horrendous and by the end of 5 1/2 weeks my back was so tender on all the points that met the bed but thankfully it soon goes away - good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Naomi x

Thanks Naomi I am so relieved to hear I'm not the only one! Only 2 and a half weeks left and then I'm done so hoping it all goes quickly.