back to work

Hi everyone :-) well, my phased return back to work commences the 21st of July. My 1st follow up clinic appointment went okay and the date for my first follow up PET/CT scan is set for the 11th August. Fingers crossed all will be okay. Still having problems with my bowels lol and hating those dilators.

I'm taking part in the Race For Life on Sunday in Huddersfield. Let's hope it stays dry!! 

Hi Nicky

Great news about your first appointment and that you are feeling well enough to do Race for life - I will keep fingers crossed for good running weather xx

I returned to work this week on a part time basis - I (foolishly) thought it would be easy .......  I have found it tiring, and have had a few issues as well .....  I hope your return goes well, and remember to drink plenty .... because I was occupied my water intake dropped and I didnt feel good !!!

Good luck tomorrow xx

Just returned to work myself and I was a lot more tired than I thought I would be! Everyone has been amazingly supportive though.


I'm also back at the gym now and working on getting my core strength back. Who'd have though major abdominal surgery would be a set back?!! :)

Hi Ladies,

Sounds like you are all doing well.Thats Great news x

Having been here before(recovery after treatment) I forgot that

Work is something you do when you can do everything else with ease....

Started giving myself a hard time,"why,when,will,I get better"Blah!Blah!

Was going to go to talk therapy,then decided to have a talk to myself....

I know we ladies insist on been wonder woman,and guilt ourselves into

doing everything straight away,but if you don't have to work for financial

reasons,then don't.If you think it would be better for you mentaly to go

back,then give it a go,if it's not right there is no shame in saying so.

In the wider scale of things a few extra months getting fit,

eating well and keeping hydrated is worth it.All of these things are not possible

when you are at work.If someone was sick in another way,say flu or a broken

bone we wouldn't say "Oooh,look at them sat around not at work"LOL!!

I have given myself a deadline,and between now and then get super fit,

then I will go back to work.It has helped me having a goal and also giving

myself a break!After all I have gone through I bloody deserve it! 

As alway's all the best

Becky x





Please don't beat youself up. I truly empathize with the frustration of not being back to 'normal' yet. I have always been one to just dive right back in when sidelined from life for any reason. Not supposed to do that anymore. I am working on continuing to exercise, eat nutritionally, and staying hydrated. I just want to do more because that has always been who I am.

My new Mantra is: LIVE-GENTLY. When I told my sister, she said to always remember that gentle can still be very powerful. So please treat your self gently. I am learning.

Just my thoughts. Hugs,


Morning lovely ladies, i hope you're all feeling okay. Some good advice above thank you and things I hadn't thought about, so will definitely take it easy. I agree a big percentage of going back to work is so that I don't go down to half pay and can't pay the bills. I'm lucky that my manager is very understanding and if I'm struggling then to just let her know. 

The Race For Life was a great event. My friend who took part with me had recently lost her Mum to cancer. The weather was perfect for the occasion and so chuffed that between us we have so far raised nearly £500! I am full of aches and pains now lol so it shows just how unfit I am at the moment and the extra chubbiness just isn't shifting!

Big hugs everyone :-)

Nicky xxx


Nicky - congrats on the race for life and the £500 ......

The chubbiness will go eventually.....  I keep looking at mine and trying on clothes that didnt fit to see if its reducing lol.....  In some places it is, so Im hopeful the rest will reduce as well....


Hi Nicky,

thats amazing, really well done.You must be so pleased

with that.You deserve a rest now lol!

Becky x

Hello ladies,  after reading your posts on  'going back to work' just thought I'd add my tuppence worth!  I haven't gone back to work, I've been off since October 2012 when just diagnosed & my world fell apart.  Work have been absolutely fantastic about it - keeping my job open for me, even at this late stage.  I've worked there 32 years and much as I can't get my head round going back, I also felt that I can't  hand in my notice either. I just couldn't cut the ties as it were, couldn't say ''I'm coming back'', couldn't say ''I'm leaving'' either. The HR team have been so understanding, they know that they will have to do it for me, so gently we have agreed that they will pay me off on medical reasons.  I feel sad that this disease has taken my former life from me, changed everything. No matter how much I think I can  get ''back to normal'' - my life after cancer & everything that it has done to me will not be the ''normal'' I had before.   Life just goes on around me , everyone else has pretty much returned to  ''normal'' .  I think it makes them feel good, for them it's like it was before -I feel like they've forgotten, and that they should be forever changed like I am?  - sorry for the negativity but  some days I struggle a bit.

Bogeywoman ...

Having gone back to work I can honestly say it was the worst decision I have made..... but, as we have 'plans' I know its only temporary.

Like you (and all the others) I will never get to the same "normal" as before, and have decided not to try...... my hubby has been great in helping me through and contiues to help with coming to terms with the new "normal".

Please dont be sorry for being (or thinking you are being) negative - its good to air these thoughts, and here there are others who will feel the same at some point.   I have days where I struggle and for me I have to focus on the positives to help take the edge off....  

Take care and look after yourself