Back to work.... when is OK?


I was just wondering at what point did people feel up to returning to work after their hysterectomy? It's only been 3 week's since mine,  and my doc gave me a sick note up to 1st July.

I have an office desk based job with a 50 min commute each way.

Thanks,  Greta x 

I had my hysterectomy on the 17th of november and if it wasnt for the fact I was having radiotherapy aswell I would have gone back before christmas, although I would only have to drive for 15 minutes or so and when I did go back to driving it did put a strain on my side I could feel it pulling the muscles. Are you driving or using public transport? If you are driving I would build that up over time and see how comfo

rtable you are at the end of it. Public transport I would be careful with it being so busy that you dont get hurt/injured in some way.

I went back in January and so far so good.


Charlene xx

Hi Charlene, I drive, but luckily my husband works nearby, so he can do the driving for a while.  I can also work from home which will be a great help.

 I guess I'll just need to see how it goes, work have been great, so I can probably ease myself back into it gently!

Thanks, Greta x