Back to waiting!

Hi again all

Little bit of my history is below. I went back yesterday for my second follow up smear after LLETZ - the first came back abnormal again. For various reasons I go privately but my consultant has retired so now have a new one.  Who seemed very surprised that I wasnt asked to return for a colp last time and also that I didnt have a HPV test

The new consultant was fab but now have major doubts about the last one and I hope something more sinister hasnt been lurking for the last 6 months. Had the smear, bled again and now back to the waiting for results. Not feeling particulary positive! 

I know how lucky I am compared to most people on here, but it really starts to wear you down. All I want is a a clean smear!!

Hope everyone else is well!


Cat x 

Hi there,

I'm sorry you've now got doubts over your first consultant. It's good your new one is on the ball. The guidelines say that if there is an abnormal result after LLETZ the lady should have a colposcopy. If it helps to know this happens to others, I wasn't even referred to colposcopy after my second abnormal result after LLETZ on the NHS screening service, I had to ask my GP to refer me. Result was CIN1 and I'm currently waiting for another colposcopy appointment after my latest smear showed CIN and high risk HPV.

I totally understand how worrying it is to have abnormal results after LLETZ. Have you had your smear result yet? Really hope you get a clear one.

Hope you're doing ok, take care x

Hope ur results are back and are fine. Waiting is the hard part as there is nothing we can do but think the worst. Fingers crossed
Dons x

Aw Cat I'm so sorry! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! x



It came back today as borderline, could be worse, could be better!

However I am gutted I am still HPV positive. So on to another colposcopy for me



Nevermind matey, chin up. Could be worse, as you know. Doesn't make you feel a whole lot better but at least you are being monitored. X

I am def lucky compared to most woman on here

Still wish it would s*d off mind! 

I hope you are. recovering well

Lots of hugs. X