Back to colposcopy...HPV positive

Hi everyone,

After not getting my smear results for 6weeks, I called the GP who said there would be a further 2 weeks delay for me to get my letter. However, she did chase my results for me and was able to tell me over the phone I was being invited to colposcopy due to having HPV positive.

But I’m a little confused… I thought I had to have 3 years of HPV positive result to be referred back to colposcopy. I thought my letter would invite me back in 24months according to the NHS site if I had HVP positive again :thinking:

Could It be because I have had Lletz already in the past?

I havent had a negative result yet since being 24 for HPV :woman_facepalming: meaning I’m now onto my 7th year. Just getting fed up of these positive results!
Anyone else had the same?


K x

sorry to hear that, very frustrating how it lingers for some people. I must have had it at least 5 as well and can’t understand why i havn’t been able to clear it. Have you ever had abnormal cells or just positive result, if so that is reassuring.