Back Pain

Experiencing severe lower back pain the past few months. It’s partly the reason I went to the doctor coupled with unbearable periods… & she booked my smear test. it’s affecting my normal daily activities to the point where I almost fainted at work today.
Never experienced pain this bad, does anyone else relate to this?
I’m worried it means my ‘abnormal changes’ means bad news… Im awaiting my colposcopy, it’s in 3 weeks time.

8th Feb; first smear
17th March; smear results - abnormal cell changes & high risk HPV
15th April; colposcopy (waiting anxiously)

Hi Jennifer, hope you're feeling a bit better. Try not to think too much about it until you have done your colposcopy and hear from the results. I know its hard to wait anxiously.

If you read books, try to entertain yourself with funny witty ones or whatever catches your fancy. That's what I do now to distract myself and try not to go mad thinking about what could happen. Stay positive and all the best!





When I was a teenager I had terrible pain during my period to the point where I would be sick and pass out. Due to my age I had no investigation just prescribed some painkillers and advised to go on the pill which I didn't really want at 15! Anyway it still happens every now and again but they've never been able to link it to anything abnormal. Waiting for results is the worst bit so try not to worry.

I am now on the pill & the period pain has gone, along with my periods altogether so far. 

But the back pain isn't period related & is happening daily which is what worries me. 

I will definitely be asking them to look into it further. 

I am managing better now waiting for this procedure but it still on my mind all the time xx