Back pain

Hi everyone, I had my second LLETZ treatment last thursday, and on the day had excrutiating period pain, I couldnt sit still it was that bad, anyway I woke up fri morming and the abdo pain was gone. Since fri pm ive been having terrible back pain, im taking max painkillers possible. now im just wondering if it could be related or if its probably just a bad back? ive rang my colposcopy nurse but no answer at the moment. anyone else had similar? thanks :)

Hi I also had terrible back pain after my lletz they took a fair bit off! It went on for around 4 weeks especially bad when I did any walking! I had to sit down sometimes it was so bad! I took codiene and now it's completely gone. I think it's transfered pain xx

oh wow 4weeks is a long time, I didnt have any pain at all after my first one so was a bit suprised. they removed quite a bit from mine too, so maybe its that which caused it :( ahh well will have to keep going with pain lillers. xx