Back Pain

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I went for a colposcopy on the 20/03/2019, I thought I was just going to have biopsies done but the person I saw explained when I went into the room that due to the HPV positive result and the high-grade severe dyskaryosis it was likely I had CIN3 and that she would like to do the LLETZ procedure then and there, instead of messing me about to have to come back, I was a little shell shocked, the staff were lovely and really informative, anyway I had the procedure which I did feel some slight warmth (when I informed the nurse she stopped) and I have had some slight bleeding and cramps, I went back to work the next day (Thursday) but since then I’ve had quite severe persistent lower back pain? I don’t want to ring the colposcopy unit and seem overdramatic, I’ve been taking co-codamol and max strength ibuprofen and it helps slightly, has anyone else experienced anything similar?! 

I’m also still very anxious about my results they informed me it could be another 4-6 week wait for these, what have other people’s time scales been like from procedure to results and what happens from there, I know I have to go for a smear in 6 months time but unfortunately I couldn’t ask her anything else as they were already running late. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks Kerry x 


Hey Kerry!

We are in quite similar positions. Has my smear 13/02 and my I had a colposcopy 19/3 with a surprise LLETZ for CGIN (I believe this is like CIN3 but it’s in the glands). I am 29 with no kids.

im getting back pain also and I had a look on this forum and it seems it’s normal, especially having just had the procedure x

Hi I had my colposcopy on the 26th Feb and had Lletz there and then for CGIN I never got told I had this I just got told abnormal cells in the letter till I got to my appointment I've been bleeding and lower backache ever since mine feels like a constant cramp in just waiting for results from biopsy x

I'm the same too! Exactly the same in fact. Lower back pain for me is still persistent at 2 and a half weeks post lletz. However it eases off xxx

I still have lower back pain about 6 weeks after lletz/leep.

i had mine lletz done on the 19/3 and still getting lower back pain and well as pain in the front of my hips as write this message i am at work with a hot water bottle to help me. 

Hi Ladies! 


Thanks for all your replies, I work in a busy pharmacy so I’m constantly on the move, reaching, stretching etc the only time I get to sit is on my lunch, my back feels like it’s in bits! However the bleeding has stopped! 


Kerry xx