Back pain - treatment suggestions?

Hi everyone

I'm coming up for 7 weeks post radical hysterectomy, and having real discomfort in my middle and lower back. I understand my body's been through A LOT (all this less than a year after a c-section). Hoiking a 2 stone baby around isn't helping much either. 

Just wondered if anyone had any advice on what sort of treatment might be beneficial, whether massage, physio, pilates maybe? Really keen to get strength back, my core strength has been annilhated! Very probably I've just been over-doing it, it's very hard to sit still, but understand my body is still healing.



Hi Leila

I had the same after my ops too.  I had a bruised coccyx which took about a year to clear and I ended up having treatment from a chiropractor for the other back pain.  My GP told me its not uncommon due to the positions we get put in during the op and the chiropractor said the majority of her work is post op.

Of course, your pain may have been caused by something else so best discuss it with your GP.  Hope you get some relief soon.



Hi Leila.

I have suffered with lower back pain for a few years prior to my diagnosis and tried both physio and Pilates (at my local private hospital though, not the local village hall). For me the Pilates was much more helpful, and I stepped it up a notch in the run up to my surgery as a lot of it focuses on pelvic/abdominal muscles.

Oddly my back has been fine on the 10 days since my op, but that could just be the painkillers. It's definitely something I will go back to as soon as I'm able.

Hope this helps,

Love Greta.x 

Hi Leila,

I had a history of bad back, had a disc removed at 25. I don't think that hoiking a 2 stone baby around is very good for you at all! I have always found gentle walking helps, especially if it is up and down gentle slopes.

Be lucky


I had the same Hon, I bought an exercise ball and did 10 minutes per day just doing small bounces and circles. It really strengthens the core. Hope this helps, h x

Hi everyone - thanks for the advice. I suspect the pilates is a good shout , should be up for it soon. The excerise ball is wise too - funnily enough there's one sitting deflated (ermm. much like myself!) in a cupboard somewhere. Will look it out. Bring on the summer, some sunshine and a bit more energy