Back pain/spasms

Anyone had back pain and spasms? I’ve been told it is muscular but I have had the worse back pain over the last couple of days. Nearly at the end of Chemoradiation

Hiya didn’t want to read and run! I had really bad back and hip pain near the end of chemo rads but it cleared up a few weeks after I finished treatment , I spoke to my team about it and they gave me strong painkillers and said it should ease up eventually, hope yours does to xx

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Hi coco17

I had back pain from hell shortly after completion of my treatment (RH + chemo-radio) in 2017. I felt tired and pretty unwell throughout most of my treatment; slept a lot and was generally nowhere near as active as usual. It was diagnosed as musculo-skeletal due to inactivity and I was referred for physio; took about 4 months before I reasonably pain free.

My back still gets a bit stiff and achey if I stay in one position for too long. I think this may be because of compression fractures in 2 of my lumbar vertebrae which were discovered from a CT scan in 2020. My oncologist said these fractures may have partly due to the radiotherapy treatment albeit I’m in my 60s and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis; I was prescribed with a bisphosponate + vitamin D and calcium.


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Thank you x