Back pain since having my smear over 3 weeks ago

Since having my smear over 3 weeks ago, i’ve had a bad back ever since.

My test results said i’m hpv positive but didn’t have enough cells for a reliable abnormal cell result. I have to go back in 3 mths for another smear.

I have no Symptoms, I’m just concerned I now have a bad back.

Has this happened to anyone else?

You may have strained your back having the smear (laying on your back in an awkward way), or it may be complete coincidence (most likely). HPV variants that can cause cell changes (which is what they are testing for) do not cause any symptoms like back ache - it’s not possible. Don’t worry. You might even find you remember eventually that you did something else to cause your backache - I’m always doing things and then not realising that it’s related to the consequence! X

Thank you, I know it might just be a coincidence, I’m totally paranoid and just want the next smear asap. My anxiety is through the roof!

You will have to calm down, or it will have a detrimental effect on your health. You have a virus that probably about 80% of the adult population get. A TINY proportion end up getting cancer, which is of course what everyone worries about. Be determined to put it out of your mind, and make sure you attend smears etc. when you’re called for them. You can help nothing and no-one by worrying about it, because the chances are there is nothing wrong. If you know you are prone to anxiety it might be an idea to find some self-help resources for anxiety. X