Back pain at work

Hi all, im finally back to work after 11 weeks post treatment, im suffering extreme back and leg pain, does anyone no if help is available? I work in a office so would be more for a support chair. Thank you

I can’t remember how to go about it but you’d probably need an occupational health assessment, reasonable adjustments should be made by your workplace.

I hope you are feeling better soon x


I had severe back pain following treatment in 2017. Saw my GP who considered the problem was probably musculo-skeletal (due to inactivity during my treatment) but referred me for an X-ray just in case. X-ray was clear so i was then referred to physio which helped a lot and I was mostly pain free after 3-4 months.

2020 I had a CT-scan which showed compression fractures to a couple of my lumbar vertebrae. A subsequent DEXA scan showed osteoporosis, probably exacerbated by radiotherapy according to the oncologist albeit I have a family history and I’m in my 60s: I was prescribed with alendronic acid plus calcium/vitamin D.

My back is generally fairly OK but it gets stiff and achey if I don’t keep up my physio exercises.

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Hi @alwaystheweekend , thanks for your reply, will ask GP see if he can help me, painkillers just dont help . Thanks me too, hope your keeping well x

Hi @Jazza , thanks for your reply, thats good that things are getting better though sound like it took alot of time. Yeah my back and pelvis is really aching my legs too, seem to get a burning rush of heat from my tummy down to my thighs with flashes of heat on my calfs so can barely walk length of myself jus now, hoping it all just goes away. Wishing you all best xx

@Lesley1 Sorry I perhaps wasn’t much help, I was thinking purely practically as my experience is different with only having had surgery. Might be worth speaking to HR and asking for an OT assessment x

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Hi @alwaystheweekend , not at all, gave me few ideas to look into. Think it was Access to work that might help too, jo uarm in trying them all . Xx

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I would also suggest an occupational health assessment, and access to works scheme. I had an appointment with them last week, they pay for X amount and work have to pay for the rest. They are going to supply me with equipment for workimg from home. I already have everything in work. I still have a lot of lower back, pelvis and leg pains. Scans have been clear up to now. Had an mri couple of weeks ago, still waiting for results .x


Hi @Lynzibelle , Thats great that you got the help and support you need, yeah im same back n pelvic n leg pain, getting burning sensation in legs too unsure what that is , company i work for is small and an association so not profitable, not quite sure how its goin work. Will call Access to work and ask questions, im still awaiting my mri ,seems be backlog so on waiting list. Xx

@Lesley1 how are you getting on now? I’m 14 weeks post op now and have developed back and pelvic pain, it went away but has now come back

Hi @alwaystheweekend, I’m 16 weeks post treatment now, and still have tremendous back n pelvic pain, more so if I’m sitting upright or walking. Burning heat on pelvic area n legs too. Not heard from access to work yet. Scan on Monday Finally, anxiety through roof. Aww sorry to hear pains back, it’s gets so frustrating too. I just want be me again x

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How are you both now? Going through the same thing with back and pelvic pain…

Hi @Silvesterthecat, I’m still in agony, access to work is running behind, so won’t no if I can get help for months. Sorry to hear your going through the same agony. Are you back at work too? Xx

Did you have your scan? I’ve just had an MRI so should get the results in the next 2 weeks but its horrible waiting. My back is more like a constant heavy aching and pains in my bladder area… I was diagnosed June 21 so I’ve been back at work for a while. I find it good at distracting me from all the weird symptoms going on!

Hi @Silvesterthecat, yes just had mri on Monday there, so same as you, 2 weeks of pure anxiety til I get results. This is or was supposed be by 3 month post treatment scan but on month 4… Yes good be back at work, it’s good distraction jus wish I wasn’t in so much pain. Xx

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