Back pain and burning bum cheek

Hi Guy


I havent posted in a while been trying to get on with my life but a week a go I started to get lower pack pain, where my back meets my bum crack (sorry no other way to explain) and I have a burning sensation inside my right bum cheek.  I had a radical hysterectomy last august and finished chemo and radiotherapy in Nov has anyone else experienced this?  Every little pain always has me worrying :(   x

Hi Emma,

I have the same pain.It's all round my pelvis and down my inner thighs aswell.

I am due an MRI 1st March,to see if the treatment worked,and to check out the pain.

If you are worried ask the consultant,Just to put your mind at rest.

Becky x

I'd phone your Macmillan nurse or consultant. I'm sure it's nothing but better to be safe than sorry. It will put your mind at rest

karen x

Did you experience this Pkjp2013?

Hi Emma

The area you describe for your back pain sounds like the coccyx.  I have had that pain since my Rad Hyst and my GP reckoned it was caused by the op which wouldn't explain your cause.  Has anything else happened that may have bruised your coccyx?

Know what you mean about every pain being a worry!  I also have a dull pain in my left bum cheek and left thigh which my GP thinks could be nerve damage.  Intend to check it out more with my consultant on my next appt though.

I would go with the above advice and phone your CNS or consultant if I was you.  That's the best way to put your mind at rest.


My energy levels dipped and I had some lower back pain. No burning sensations, just an ache.  I had a urine infection so had antibiotics.  then thought I was constipated so had a few days on senna. Still didn't feel right so phoned specialist nurse who got me an appt with my consultant. Don't run away with yourself.…….just get checked out. You have had a lot done to your body and it is still putt I ng itself back together. That takes time. Let me know how you get on. X