back pain, abdomnal cramps, chest pain

hi, im 18 months in remisson .Lately been experencing abdomnal cramps, lower

back pain which is travelling towards hips and occasional chest pain. my consultant has

booked me in for a MRI scan to find out whats going on. I have to wait 3weeks for this? ?

has anyone else experenced this? worrid that its reccurence. Blood and urine samples are both ok.


chemo/radiotherapy - 5 weeks plus 3 x brachotherapy.

Hi Carolyn, 

You poor thing! Is there no way they can get you in for an MRI sooner than this? It seems like a long time for you to have to wait - is there any way you could try and press them to do it sooner? Glad the blood and urine samples are ok - I'm not suggesting you push them because I think you've got a recurrence; I know it would just be a very long three weeks for you!! 

Annabel. x