Back from Colposcopy


I am just back from my colposcopy appointment and the Dr saw some abnormality but isn't too concerned. He took a biopsy and has also suggested that I have a hysterectomy. I have had a previous Lletz and a cervical polyP as well as a large area of ectropion. I also have very, very heavy periods so he feels it might be best to do the surgery rather than keep trying to treat what is left of my cervix. 

`I am in no rush to make my mind up and I will need to wait for the results anyway. 

The colposcopy  took around 10 minutes in total and apart from the 10 seconds when he took the biopsies it was unconformatble rather than painful. 

Anyone else considering a hysterectomy for similar reasons?



Hi Tigger, why is your doc recommending hysterectomy? It seems like a big step. Cervical polpys are not cancerous and are harmless as far as I know. Do they really need treatment? I'm not sure about cervical ectropion. 

There is an organisation about hysterectomy in the US called HERS who might be able to advise you r.e hysterectomy. They might be able to suggest an alternative for heavy periods that doesn't mean having the surgery. 

Thank you Katkin,


The doctor is looking at all my history with recurring CIN and my other gynaecology issues and thinking it is best all round. I think that repeated Lletz procedures and cone biopsies make it a bit of a mess for some of us. Apparently I have the persistent strain of HPV too so I will no doubt be back at this stage again. 


I will ill wait for the results of the biopsy and think it over. 

Hi Tigger,

Thank you for your private message ... Dor some reason it won't let me reply... 

Im going for my MRI on my head and neck today to check if the lumps in my nose and Throat are benign... I have got everything crossed that they will be... This whole journey is one big nightmare... 

I just pray that it will all be over soon with positive results... 

I had my LLETZ don't on Friday so am nervously awaiting the results from that... 

Have you decided on whether or not to have the Hysterectomy or not..??

Thinking of you. 

lots of love xxx


I hope today went well Bekah. I have been thinking about you. 


I have decided to go for the hysterectom. Just waiting for results to come back x