Back from colposcopy three

I had a smear in 2014 with borderline changes and had the follow up on the 2nd November this year. At the colposcopy she did a smear and said she couldn’t see anything to worry about but to wait for the smear results.

Well those smear results came back high grade changes so I have been today for another colposcopy. I have been signed off work for a few days as I have anxiety disorder and felt as though I was going to get told I have cancer.

The colposcopy was done by a male doctor, though the nurse present has seen me both times before and done the last couple of colposcopies. She told me off for “googling” and said that I wasn’t looking at cancer but as I’m sure many of you know it doesn’t matter what people tell you really.

The doctor said he could not see any areas of CIN 2 just like the last nurse did. He agreed a small area of CIN 1. He did a biopsy though which really shocked me and I almost jumped out of the chair when he did it. It wasn’t comfortable but it’s not as bad as I feared. Stopping the bleeding was uncomfortable too.

So now I have a wait for the biopsy results. I can’t see them coming back clear if the smear picked up high grade changes. It’s such a worry. No treatment was done other than the biopsy.