Back from Colposcopy Appt, LLETZ under GA

Hi ladies, hope your all well.

I have just got back from my colposcppy appt and due to my phobia of being touched he has agreed to do everything under general anaesthetic (including colposcopy)

He was a lovely consultant and put mine and my hubbys minds at rest about what is happening, only I cant seem to shake the feeling its going to come back more severe than just the high grade severe dyskaryosis.

This is mainly due to symptoms I have had rolling on 4 ish years now but I ignored and put down to other things (stupid I should have had smear sooner :( 

I am more relaxed now knowing I wont have any idea of the procedure happening, anxious now I have to wait for appt but at least they listened to my concerns.

Does anyone have experience of cancerous cells after LLETZ is carried out? Im aware im at the "severe pre cancerous" stage and guess im just panicking im one of those that is going to be told bad news.

Being an ex smoker (electronic now) but smoked a lot for 10 years and been on the pill 12 doesn't help the case :(

Thank you for any replies


Hi Slushpuppy89,


I to am waiting to have a LEEP Procedure done as well as LEEP Cone Biopsies done after my colposcopy results came back high HSIL. high grade pre cancer cells.. I am wondering how you are as i see you had your Colposcopy yesterday?